2013 the best time

A very happy new year, 2013 to everyone



I did cross Mekong River from Khong Jium,Thailand to Ban KamTue, Lao PDR (Lao’s People Democracy Republic by the brave and good heart of friends, such as Khun Mae Nong Toa-Toad-Toang(เต๋า-โต๊ด-ต๋ง), the boat man, vijitracamp’s friends, Lao khunDol.  Crossing the big river as Mekong, is not easy like passing the year of 2012. In the last year, many things had been recorded in to my life, i e a car accident of Wamin (CT 29), death of Apinya (CT33), and etc.

Hope we have the best of time in 2013 together.  Friendship is never die.

Best Regards,


2012 it was a hard year for me