In my place, I was born in Ubolratchathani.  I-san is my flok.  Root of mine was  Seekor-Surin. Unfortunately, I couldn’t speak khmer like my grandmom.  Anyway, I can understand Loa, Isan, Lanna, a bit of Karen, Southern Thailand’s, Thai and Nid-Noi for English. BTW, I am an Asian, yellow skin against apartheid.

              Its my own version of photographs and postcard.


Asanhabhucha Boonamee, August 2, 2012

Yesterday my little son, Benz studied in Fukuoka U, Japan, called and discussed about Japanese translation with me. He helped me to understand more in TONE equipments’s specification. We’ll talk later.

Morning, my eldest son, Tommy dropped at my office at a very early morning, for playing golf at the Royal Golf Club with the contractors. Later, he will be back and we plan to give the Bhicku’s cloth.  Just a tentative schedule.


CT-19 group of my sons


Along holiday from 9-13 August 2012, time to visit the dam site at Sukhothai Province.  I learnt that I never let my beloved ones down, never ever do somethings mistaken again.   My son, Sumate called me to join a family party I ask him to call back to the person who taken care of him when he had a problem on his knee, first later we talk.  Unfortunately, I could not reach Sumate’s family. Thank you for thinking of me.  And I want to say “I love you, too.”



16 Sept

Nuch Kan
Nuch memory

She always gives help to others with her heart and spirit.

never let school interfere education


25 กันยายน 2555

ครบ 2 อาทิตย์ในการจากไปของน้องนุช ด้ายแดงที่ได้ในวันงานยังคงผูกติดเตือน วันนี้คุยถึงนางฟ้า ปุ้ยสุกญญาจากไป เป็นปีที่ 13 แล้ว ความเชื่อเกี่ยวกับการผูกด้ายแดง



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