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Coast of Mapta Phut, Rayong Province of Thailand

indexmap of coastal area
imagine on 2015? by google earth
imagine on 2015? by google earth

As the deep sea port was develop in the east regions of Thailand; Maptaphut which the detail present the 30 years development of the area. [1] During working in the Eastern Coastal area of Thailand we found the data of mercury content in water and sediments, given the detailed in


The coast area of Rayong Province, provides us sea foods, natural sand beach and industrial complex. Given mercury contents in sea lives reminds us on consideration of the reliable of data and the toxic of mercury[2]. Mercury and mercury compound is used in gauge and laboratory equipments, thermometer, some mercury vapor lamps,  phenylmercuric acetate compound in cosmetic and chemical reagents, for instance. What about the old traditional teeth filling by mercury compound amalgam?  For most of the dental clinics and hospital, the void filling materials are free from toxic. MTEC provide the research on modified material as teeth fills[3]. Free mercury is for everyone’s health and safety, isn’t it.





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RAM Trip

9 March 2014

Trip to Khao Hin Sorn, Risk Area of Industrial Waste Dump and Rabom Reservoir

Ramkhamhaeng Students, check the attached file.

A Trip at Khao Hin Son

Example of Desk Study



check the file (spread sheet)




The result of your study

CVE2208 and CVE3905 Ramkhamhaeng University





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A final examination will begin soon!

26-2-14A trip of us 8-9 February 2014 to Khoa Wong Rayong Povince,

26-2-14-2Dam and environment


Trip at Khao Wong, Chamoa-khao Wong,

26-2-14-4Helping hands

26-2-14-5keep clean26-14-2-6

Morning Excercise


Super Clean



Young generation Coach



26-14-2-11Teachers said that last 20 years ago, Somdej Ya, HRH mother, came here…its a wonderful!




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Last 2600 years ago, Pra Śāriputra (Sanskrit: शारिपुत्र) or Sāriputta (Pāli) was one of two chief male disciples of the Buddha along with Maudgalyayana (Pali:Moggallāna) ( // based on the information qouted by, Prasariputra had been met Pra Atsashi

After they had exchanged the usual courteous greetings. Upatissa said: “Serene are your features, friend. Pure and bright is your complexion. Under whom, friend, have you gone forth as an ascetic? Who is your teacher and whose doctrine do you profess?”

Assaji replied: “There is, O friend, the Great Recluse, the scion of the Sakyas, who has gone forth from the Sakya clan. Under that Blessed One I have gone forth. That Blessed One is my teacher and it is his Dhamma that I profess.”

“What does the venerable one’s master teach, what does he proclaim?”

Questioned thus, the Elder Assaji thought to himself: “These wandering ascetics are opposed to the Buddha’s dispensation. I shall show him how profound this dispensation is.” So he said: “I am but new to the training, friend. It is not long since I went forth from home, and I came but recently to this teaching and discipline. I cannot explain the Dhamma in detail to you.”

The wanderer replied: “I am called Upatissa, friend. Please tell me according to your ability, be it much or little. It will be my task to penetrate its meaning by way of a hundred or a thousand methods.” And he added:

 “Be it little or much that you can tell,
the meaning only, please proclaim to me!
To know the meaning is my sole desire;
Of no avail to me are many words.”

In response, the Elder Assaji uttered this stanza:

 “Of all those things that from a cause arise,
Tathagata the cause thereof has told;
And how they cease to be, that too he tells,
This is the doctrine of the Great Recluse.”[2]

in Thai//

ท่านอุปติสสะได้พบพระอัสสชิเถระ ประทับใจในอิริยาบถน่าเลื่อมใส สำรวมดี ของท่านพระอัสสชิเถระ ผู้มีอินทรีย์ฝึกดีแล้ว จึงเกิดความคิดว่า ท่านผู้นี้จักเป็นพระอรหันต์ จึงได้ตามท่านพระอัสสชิเถระไปข้างหลัง รอคอยโอกาสอยู่ แล้วสอบถาม

พระอัสสชิเถระได้แสดงความลึกซึ้งในคำสอน ของพระผู้มีพระภาคเจ้า ว่า

เย ธมฺมา เหตุปฺปภวา
เยสํ เหตุํ ตถาคโต อาห
เตสญฺจ โย นิโรโธ จ
เอวํ วาที มหาสมโณติ ฯ

พระมหาสมณะเจ้า ทรงสังสอนอย่างนี้



credits to;

17 November 2013; today is a Loy Krathong Day/Loy Krathong Festival (Full moon, 12th Thai lunar month;

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