Sept 10,11 Trip to Ta Lay

Score of the 4th year, Rock Mechanics Class;

Rock Mechanics-score

Score of  the 3rd year KMITL students




07.00 KMITL to Laem Pak Bear, Petchaburi

10.00-14.00 Work out at Laem Pak Bear

14.00-15.00 From Laem Pak Bear to Khao Yoi

15.00-16.30 Work at Khao Yoi

16.30-19.30 On the way back to KMITL

Ready to work!

Information for all

Make Up Class Thrusday, 8 September 2011, E12-505 from 4 pm-7 pm

Invited Scholar, Associate Professor Vatcharee Vatcharasin, Architecture Facutly gives a presentation on a Village Building in the Coastal Area, Petchaburi Province from 5-5.30 pm


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