4 August, the 3rd, all will meet at

E12201(Sec I, 09.00-12.00, Sec II; 13.00-16.00)http://www.4shared.com/document/OM2VwVBW/04_Lessons_never_learnt_from_r.html

– Fundamental of Soil & Rock Slope Stability Analysis

from google- search; real landslide at Patong Phuket

– File for up coming “11 August, Test”

– file for 11-8-10— Taylor’s Chart

In August we will study at the computer room, on 17 August we will use the boring log of the groundwater investigation,please check

Residual Soil- Granite; 18-8-10



2 thoughts on “4-8-10

  1. Verde says:

    Same thing happened in San Francisco several years back with the homeowner loosing their house to a developer that undercut the hill at the same kind of angle without stabelizing it first.

  2. M says:

    Thanks the Verde, the first comment…
    Hope everyone was survied. Home could be built a new one with carefully done. Hope everywhere in the world recognize the safety first. In Thailand sometimes, beauty buiding or resturant were situated near or at the high slope mountain. I’m not so sure its a kind of Feng Shui, the back side is the mountain, foresied is a river and the house was bounded by a sign of a white tiger (safe house..hidden place) and a green dragon(big trees). However, the slope failure is a natural occuring for balance itself, its our responsibility to understand, to avoid and to protect our life……Say no harm to slope..is it work well?

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