Interlive..time for reunion; Its not a nightmare or a bad daydream!

Autum comes s(he ) will some picture taken by my very very closed friend, KATO San, you could recognize how was he by his name.

Never visit Japan in October, all my trips were in May.  Born to try, I can reach it someday soon.



Wake up with a good sign, sunshine looked so beautiful.  No sleeping talking and taking this shot, won’t u.


Its not a nightmare or a bad daydream!

            Andrews and I are closed friends for a long time.  He’d been proved that he has no commitment but he like to be intimate.  Action is proved, words sometimes cant be kept.   

             You still be a standard guy who judge me that I met a farang from the web.  LOL…” u met a guy online”, I wish your prediction’d been alright.  But I am still be a noncommittal  Ninja Matte!

             Hope your visiting bring me a blossom occasion cause a good friend are we.


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