Sukanya Nutalaya, the best ever

I ask my friends to tell me about his/her favorite architects. The answer mainly concerned with their works.
Notthing much mention on their life or phylosopy. What about if their works can explian the way of lives.   
There are many lists of those, i e Frank Loyyd Wright, Gustave Eiffel. Dave Fisher, Kenso Tange,
Tadao Undo, Chalermchai Kositpipat and etc.
For me, I love Sukanya Nutalaya’s life and spirit, she was my AIT’s batch. You can see her work at

"Climate considerations in building and urban design"  by Prof. Baruch Givoni


3 thoughts on “Sukanya Nutalaya, the best ever

  1. Live says:

    Well done Mr.Dhevadaderndin. Hope I can read sth more. English is a helpful tool, but its not the end of the world to practice its. There are many methods to communicate with the non English mother’s tounge. and to get a better understanding among people. Thank you.Ninja

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